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    We’ve extended our Accelerated Career Services package into September following some incredible student successes last month

    Published on:  15 September 2020

    With our Accelerated Career Services package you receive dedicated careers support alongside your online training. Getting you employed, faster.

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    Explore the top student successes from August and how our Career Services team helped them secure their new roles in their chosen industry...

    Jake MatthewsLearning People | Coding student Jake Matthews

    Coding student

    Overview from Career Services

    Jake first came to Career Services unsure of how to go about finding job opportunities. It was something he had never done before, having previously worked his way up to the management team for a fast food chain.

    Focusing on his future plans to be a developer, Career Services helped Jake to tailor his CV and most importantly build his LinkedIn profile. We advised him on how to use LinkedIn and how to build and grow his network from scratch. 

    Jake worked really hard to network with fellow developers, build relationships with recruiters and employers and very soon he became a sought after, credible candidate in the industry.

    Jake experienced a rollercoaster of highs and lows when interviews and a job offer were pulled due to COVID-19 in March. With his determination and bags of personality, it wasn’t long before he secured a fantastic role as a Monitoring and Services Consultant, double the salary he was previously on. We are all really excited about Jake’s new chapter as a developer.

    The results

    • Secured new role of Monitoring and Services Consultant at Aurora

    Jake says:

    What has been the best part of your Learning People experience?

    “Honestly, being given the opportunity to start something I’m passionate about. It’s easy to think that if you don’t go to university, you become restricted in what you can do as a career. “Learning People gave me the opportunity to become who I want to be and honestly, I have met some fantastic people along the way.”

    How have you found the support by Career Services?

    “The support offered by Learning People has been brilliant, always there at the end of a phone call or text or email, whatever the problem may be. 

    “The career services team honestly has been the most supportive people I have ever met, we have laughed together, cried together and ultimately won together.”

    Would you recommend Learning People?

    “I would definitely recommend Learning People to others. What Learning People have done for me is a way for me to pursue the career I wish to be in, whilst being able to maintain all other aspects of my life.“

    Marie LarkinLearning People | Project management student Marie Larkin

    Project management student

    Overview from Career Services

    Marie requested support from Career Services when she had been invited to an interview. Her initial consultation focussed around general interview preparation. It was clear that Marie had already thoroughly researched the business and job opportunity, as we would highly recommend. 

    Marie's 2nd consultation explored interview techniques and presentation delivery over zoom, to keep her skills up to date with how many companies are choosing to interview in the current climate.

    We were so delighted to hear that Marie was offered the job while she was summiting a mountain on her hike.

    The results

    • Secured new role of Senior Project Manager (IT, Infrastructure & Operations) at ScottishPower HQ, in Glasgow. 

    Marie says:

    What has been the best part of your Learning People experience?

    The interactive careers service workshops – being introduced to fellow students and connecting with them offline and having guest speakers to give advice and support.

    “I have also enjoyed the support and advice that the careers advisor Marisha gave me to prep for an interview.

    How have you found the support by Career Services?

    I have found the support excellent. I emailed asking for assistance in advance of an interview where I was given the support to run through my presentation and was given excellent feedback to help improve my techniques.”

    Would you recommend Learning People?

    Absolutely! I’d recommend Learning People for their knowledge of all their courses available, and the careers service for their guidance, advice and support.

    Heather CluneyLearning People | Project management student Heather Cluney

    Project management student

    Overview from Career Services

    Heather came to Career Services requesting support at Phase 1 with her CV and LinkedIn profile. She had 3 PRINCE2 qualifications under her belt and management experience working in the hospitality industry. 

    Career Services encouraged her to think like a project manager and relate her knowledge of relevant methodologies to her experience. This helped to transform her CV and make it stand out in the roles she was applying for. 

    Heather also took it upon herself to find ways she could gain more experience while applying for jobs by signing up for volunteering and internship opportunities. After 2 interviews she successfully secured a fantastic role as a Project Executive.

    The results

    • Secured new role of Project Executive for a major biscuit brand

    Heather says:

    What has been the best part of your Learning People experience?

    “I absolutely love that you get a career advisor who helps and supports you with your career progression. It’s all very well and good having the qualifications but if you can’t advertise yourself effectively it was all for nothing! 

    “I was really struggling with presenting myself as a Project Manager rather than a Kitchen Manager so to get that extra help really was a game changer and helped me get the career change I had wanted.”

    How have you found the support by Career Services?

    “I love how approachable and open everyone is, across exam and career support. I never had a bad experience when I asked for help and there was always support if you needed it. If you needed more support you could request it, and it would always be there.”

    Would you recommend Learning People?

    “I would definitely recommend Learning People in the future. With all the support I received for both my career and learning journey I really feel like I got the whole package without feeling like I was left high and dry once I bought the courses.”

    Liam CafearoLearning People | IT student Liam Cafearo

    IT student

    Overview from Career Services

    Liam first came across Career Services through our workshops and requested support with his CV, LinkedIn profile and how to start networking.

    He had the great combination of skills and qualifications thanks to his online training in software development, networking and security and his experience as a Data Manager. 

    The results

    • Secured a position as a IT Security Analyst at a red brick university

    Liam says:

    What has been the best part of your Learning People experience?

    I’ve done a few courses that are learn from home and what I really like about the Learning

    People is the student support they give, not only in helping you choose the right courses to

    achieve your career goals but ongoing support such as checking on how you're doing, webinars and workshops. 

    “They also make sure that you feel part of a community which really helps when learning from home as you don’t feel like you’re on your own.

    How have you found the support by Career Services? 

    “Career Services have been great and it’s a service that I haven’t seen in many other providers. They don’t just help you with your CV, they help you build those vital connections and improve your presence in your field. 

    “They also run regular workshops which are brilliant as it brings the students together and makes you realise that you're not the only one on your journey, you’re not the only one with concerns or worries that are perfectly normal when finding a new job.”

    Would you recommend Learning People? 

    “Definitely 100% and I have too many friends that want to continue their education.”

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