Exclusive BCS membership for all of our IT students

    BCS is The Chartered Institute for IT and has an admirable mission of making IT better for society. There are a number of concerns that surround IT due to its level of presence in society's everyday lives; BCS strives to position themselves as a force for good and demystify the IT industry for everyone.

    When you enrol as an IT student with us, you’ll automatically be accepted as a member of BCS free of charge. This membership allows you to connect with other like-minded IT professionals around the world, tap into the latest innovations and grow your network.

    We care about your whole career journey; from course sign-up to signing your dream job contract.

    The benefits of being a BCS member

    • Access to BCS professionals tools and resources

    • Thousands of events every year

    • 70,000+ global members to network with

    • 112 regional and specialist groups

    • Access to Career Mentoring Network and Personal Development Plans

    • Connected to Springboard, a personal career centre


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    What type of membership are you eligible for?


    Affiliate membership is for students who have an interest in IT and who are now completing an IT course with the end goal of entering the industry, or are already professionals working within or alongside organisations who have signed up to an IT course to upskill their current abilities.


    Associate membership is similar to Affiliate, with the addition of needing evidence of a year’s IT work experience, an up-to-date CV showcasing relevant tasks, responsibilities and tools used, as well as a reference who can validate your experience.

    Read more about the BCS and the membership benefits.

    Enhance your career and be prepared to land your dream role by setting yourself apart in the competitive IT industry with Learning People and BCS. Chat to a career consultant today.



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