Which project management course is right for me?

    Completing a professional development course in your industry or an industry you’re hoping to enter, can enhance your job opportunities, potential earnings and your happiness as a result.

    Updated on: 7th November 2019

    So if you’re looking to pursue or advance your career in project management, we have you covered. Read our tips on knowing which project management course is right for you.

    Learning People | project management officeAre you a project management beginner?

    If you’ve got no experience of managing projects or project management as a discipline at all then your best bet, like with anything, is to start with the basics with courses such as PRINCE2 or CAPM.


    PRINCE2® is probably the most popular and perhaps the most widely recognised project management methodology in Europe. It’s available at three different levels: Foundation, Practitioner and Professional depending on your expertise.

    Taking a PRINCE2® course will show employers you know the hard and fast fundamentals of project management.

    In fact, it’s often a minimum requirement when applying for project management jobs that you have a PRINCE2® certification. The recruitment process for project management roles can be a long hard slog, so hiring managers will probably not bother reading the CVs of anyone without the minimum of a PRINCE2®.

    The course embodies proven best practices within the industry so it’s pretty much a necessity for everyone working on projects. Plus it’s a great course if you want to try your hand at project management before you go full speed ahead.


    The general purpose of the CAPM and the reason to take the certification is to get yourself up to a level of project competence that matches the million other project managers across the globe. It’s like an industry standard, so again, it’s perfect to show employers you know the bare bones of project management - just using an alternative methodology.

    CAPM stands for Certified Associate in Project Management and is globally recognised. Getting this certification demonstrates your understanding of fundamental knowledge, terminologies and processes of being able to implement effective project management.

    Are you a project manager with intermediate level experience?

    If you’ve been working in the project management field for a year or more, maybe you’ve already done the PRINCE2® foundation, the next course you conquer should probably be the Agile practitioner. 


    The Agile has a prerequisite, that candidates have completed a year in the industry i.e. worked on projects in some way. Agile is right for you if you’re looking to widen your skill set and broaden the number of methodologies you know, understand, and can use in practice.  

    By having a few different methodologies under your belt, not only does it look great on your CV, you’ll also be able to start making decisions for yourself about what style of project management works for you. You’ll also be able to scope out the types of roles you see yourself applying for based on which companies use which methodology.

    It’s all about learning and developing your version of project management. Having a rounded view of the many different ways of managing projects will help you choose your own perfect blend.

    Learning People | Project manager in meeting

    Are you an experienced project manager?

    A seasoned PM? All you probably need is validation of your skills. There are a number of courses that can show off your project management knowledge. A couple of the most popular are the PMP and the Six Sigma black belt.


    The PMP is up there as one of the most highly regarded project management qualifications. It requires you to have a few years experience leading projects and completing the qualification proves your experience and competency level in managing projects effectively and efficiently.

    Hiring managers love to see this qualification on people’s CVs as you can't just get the certification outright. It proves how valuable you would be to the company without you having to verbally convince them. 

    Six Sigma

    Six Sigma is a process-improvement program driven by data - its whole philosophy is about delivering quality and the loyalty of customers all the while improving efficiencies of products and processes.

    There are different levels for different experience levels and the goal of an experience project manager would be to reach black belt. Reaching this certification will deliver with a £100k salary job.

    The Six Sigma belts go as follows:

    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Black

    Each of the Six Sigma belts are suited to different experience levels. From beginners through to masters. Those who tend to love the Six Sigma training model are those who work best using the Agile methodology. The two frameworks go hand in hand.

    Benefits of a project management course

    • Job opportunities 
    • Much better salaries, seasoned pros can earn up to £100k
    • Skills recognised around the globe
    • Delivering more successful projects
    • Get more efficient and feel the productivity increase

    Why is project management a good career for you?

    Project management is the career for you if you want to gain a totally different working experience each day and never get bored. If you hadn’t realised it before - project management is literally everywhere. It’s in every industry, every sector and part of every business in one way or another. 

    Becoming a qualified project manager or validating your skills with certification opens so many doors in a whole wealth of different directions.

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