What is a KnowledgeCenter?

    Interested in a course with the Learning People? Not entirely sure what’s involved?


    Signing up to training can be a daunting decision, especially if jargon such as ‘KnowledgeCenter’ is completely new to you.

    So, if you’ve signed up for a course with the Learning People recently, or are thinking of doing so, we’re here to explain.

    A KnowledgeCenter homepage

    One of the first questions we often get asked is, what is a KnowledgeCenter?

    The specific KnowledgeCenter for your course that signing up with the Learning People gives you access to, is a targeted user friendly interface where instant access to course information and performance support is available. 

    The platform offers a large amount of learning resources, which range from on the job learning known as The Practice Zone, job aids, courses, SkillBriefs for real life environment experience, articles, recommended links to external resources, challenges, online books 24x7, further recommended reading and formal and informal learning paths.

    Our partner, Skillsoft, provides top quality course content, and the information supplied in the KnowledgeCenters is by experts in the specific subject field, aimed at people of varying skillsets. 

    The set up of the KnowledgeCenter allows room for practical learning, and the range of resources provided are aimed at challenging, motivating and inspiring each individual student, no matter where they are on their learning path.

    The Skillsoft KnowledgeCenters that the Learning People provide are PMPCAPMSix SigmaMicrosoft Solutions, Microsoft Office, IT Security, Java, OracleCisco and C# .NET

    Each KnowledgeCenter has a Learning Roadmap that is based on an individual student’s proficiency in their subject. 

    This map can be used to plot your progress, and see where any weak points are on your learning path so far.

    Another popular interactive aspect of the platforms is the Business Impact Series, and the Challenge Series, which engage students with informative material.

    The latter is a case study that encourages the student to work out where a problem lies, and analyse the different solutions ope n as options to them if there were in an authoritative position, such as a project manager for example

    The Business Impact Series design

    The Business Impact Series is a set of hypothetical scenarios, aimed at placing the student in a similarly difficult or complex situation that they may find themselves in at some point in their career. 

    There is also direct access with Skillsoft experts on the topic, for first hand advice and for your questions to be answered. 

    We endeavour to ensure every student is 100% prepared to pass their certification exam(s). 

    Please note, exams are undertaken through an external provider and are subject to a separate fee.

    KnowledgeCenters are so much more than courseware.

    Also included are key professional insights from leading experts in the field, ensuring that you not only have a recognised certification, but are also up to speed with industry skills and practices, standing you in good stead for the future.

    From the moment you sign up to a course with the Learning People, you’re not alone, your KnowledgeCenter will guide you through your learning, and our StudentCare™ team is available on 01273 907 900, 9:00 - 17:30 Monday – Friday, to answer any further questions you may have.

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