Student testimonial: Gladstone Hlalakuhle

    At Learning People we measure our success by our student's success, so we're always delighted to hear from past students.

    Recently we caught up with Gladstone Hlalakuhle, a project management professional and previous student, to ask about his elearning experience. Having recently completed three qualifications with us - MS Project, CAPM and Prince2 - we're asking him the questions that are on your mind. 


    What attracted you to the courses?

    Having had prior experience working as a project manager, I needed something to formalise my experience by way of certification and help to prove my capabilities. I have had a varied project management career, working as an environmental manager, then an agricultural officer and finally a project co-ordinator for the European Union.  

    As you can tell, prior to becoming qualified, my experience on the ground had been very strong, however I didn't have any formal project management training. I needed something to boost my CV and get me noticed by potential employers. Although I had a diploma in agriculture and an environmental postgraduate diploma, they weren't industry recognised qualifications and I needed something more to prove my ability. I was attracted to the training because I knew how highly regarded it was and how it would give my career the boost it needed.


    Why did you choose Learning People?

    I looked at lots of different options, but Learning People offered a full consultation where we discussed my experience and what courses would suit me best. I found the learning consultants very helpful and they directed me to the Prince2, MS project and PMI courses which I completed one after the other. It only took me one year to complete three courses, as well as completing the PMP training which I thought was a really quick turnaround.


    How did you find online learning having only studied in the classroom before?

    I found it much easier than learning in a classroom, actually. Whilst I did my studies I also worked in a project management support role which allowed me to maintain an income whilst I studied. Online learning helped me multitask work with my education which was great. Not only that, but I was able to do my training wherever and whenever I wanted.  This allowed me to manage my time effectively and gave me the chance to research my possible career paths and manage other commitments. I would definitely recommend online training for people who need to work alongside training.


    Would you recommend Learning People?

    Yes - overall it has been a really positive experience and I'm happy to have qualified. The training has helped open doors. I also recommend the StudentCare team who supported me throughout my training. Nick and Toby were really helpful and made the whole experience enjoyable.


    What advice would you give fellow students?

    • Commitment - ensure that you fully commit to the course. You will be able to multi-task alongside your learning, but to succeed in project management you need to be committed to your education and stay up to date with best practises.
    • Time management - managing your social life, work life and education is a challenge but it's really rewarding when you complete your training.

    Follow in Gladstone's footsteps

    Getting certified as a project manager is a great way to increase your salary and improve your career prospects. Whether you have a wealth of project management knowledge, or are just starting out - we can help find the perfect course for you.

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