It's time to explore a career in code

    If you’re not feeling satisfied in your current role it is time to consider a career change. A career in code could be just what you are looking for.

    Published on: 23rd January 2020

    When you’re already in a skilled role, it’s common to feel like your options are restricted or worried a career change is too much of a risk. This is completely justified and it is absolutely vital that you do your research. Here at Learning People, our career consultants offer support during your research process, and if you have any questions you can always contact us.


    Discover a career in coding

    With a high demand for coding professionals, a career in this area opens up a host of opportunities all over the world.

    We’ve put together the most common reasons why you might be seeking a career change and why code might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

    Are you under too much stress?

    If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with stress, it’s time to take a step back and look into the root cause. Many people discover that it is their jobs that are causing them to experience high levels of stress, with dangerous repercussions. 

    High levels of stress have been reported to lead to a multitude of health issues, so it’s important to listen to your body and consider making some changes when necessary. According to research by the Law Society Junior Lawyers Division 63% of respondents active in the legal industry are reporting stress on a daily basis and this is mirrored across a wide range of high pressure professions. We hear about it all the time when professionals enquire about our coding courses, they need something much more manageable. 

    One of the benefits of a career in code, is the various different career paths you can take. If stress is your career change initiator, you’ll be sure to find a role in development can be more suitably paced. As the tech industry continues to grow, every organisation needs a developer in some shape or form. Take note of the company culture, the size of the team and the support they offer their employees. Because of the high demand for these roles, you’ll find you can take your pick of organisations to work for. 

    Is your work schedule not suiting your lifestyle?

    Are long or unsociable hours what triggered you to start looking for a career change? It’s completely understandable. It’s reported that people who work outside the universal 9 to 5 find it hard to maintain relationships and struggle with sleep among other negatives. 

    Learning to code brings you into the demand, you’ll be able to build up your experience with the opportunity to go freelance. You’ll be managing your own time and balance your priorities. With a fully-flexible role, you can say goodbye to night shifts.

    Are you worried about salary?

    As a junior developer the salary will average between £20k - £40k, based on experience and location. It’s above the national average of an entry level role, but depending on your current job, it may mean a lower starting salary. But this shouldn’t deter you, in the current job market as you gain experience, salaries continue to increase rapidly. 

    It’s also worth noting that past students have found themselves in their first role within a few months of starting a coding course, meaning you can start building your professional portfolio as soon as possible. 

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    Is your career stagnant?

    There is nothing more demotivating than a job role that has become mundane or repetitive. If you’ve found yourself desperate for a change of scenery, a career change may be just what you need. 

    Learning to code brings you into an innovative and thriving industry. There are opportunities to make a strong impact with new ventures yet to be explored. It is a role you can truly make your own, with the ability to make every day different and exciting. 

    As a coder, you’re continuously learning and building your experience. You can meet with like-minded coders in the industry and it is easy to build a strong support network to improve your learning and gain mentors. There are plenty of career pathways to explore through learning to code, so you will never feel stagnant in your job again.

    Are you looking for a better location?

    Gone are the days where you need to have transportation links to the closest city in order to earn a living wage. If you’re finding yourself run down by the daily commute, learning to code can be the perfect solution. With a global demand for developers, more often than not there are job vacancies right on your doorstep. 

    It’s not uncommon for freelancing coders to travel around the world alongside their projects. You can keep earning money whilst you take the trip of a lifetime. 

    Perhaps the situation arises where you want to relocate but can’t find any vacancies to fit your current role. 

    Is your job secure?

    No one wants to feel that their job is at risk. Are you in a role that has the possibility of being replaced by a machine? A report by Burning Glass Technologies for the UK government found that by entering a role that requires specific digital skills, workers can reduce their risk of automation by a dramatic 59%. 

    The risk of redundancy is also a widely felt risk in the job market. As the world develops and changes, so does the consumer market. It’s inevitable that some organisations feel the effects more than others and if you’re one of their employees, it is important to have a back-up plan in mind. The coding industry is extremely sustainable, with no signs of stopping. Learn to code and give yourself the job security that you deserve. 

    How to get started - According to the experts

    Dr Linda Meyer, Dean at Boston City Campus and Business college says:

    “My advice would be, before you leave your current position, to start doing certifications while you’re in your old job. So that you don’t start right at the bottom, but you start from a level playing field.”

    Tracy Pound, Managing Director at Maximity says:

    “For people who want to change their career, absolutely definitely look at certifications in tech...We need people who’ve got certified skill sets to prove that they’re capable of doing those technical jobs.”

    Enquire about learning to code now to receive a bespoke consultation from an expert consultant. We can talk you through the right steps for you to reach your career goals, depending on your experience. It is the perfect time to get certified and you should be excited for what is ahead of you.



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