Airbnb is worth over $31 billion, and for good reason. The site has revolutionised how we travel. For those few who don’t know how it works: anyone with a spare room, annexe or property, anywhere in the world, can let out their space to travellers. Everyone’s vetted and reviewed, hosts make some extra cash and travellers save money – it’s designed as a win-win situation.

 So, when should you use Airbnb to get the best out of it? We’ve outlined a few examples to inspire you this summer.



If you want to go big on luxury, but not too big on price – Airbnb will have you whipping out the credit card in no time! Whether you’re looking for modernist tranquillity, regal opulence or a sun soaked soiree; it’s all there.

Akureyi, Iceland - £119 a night      

A loft bedroom, hiking tours, horse riding, kayaking and absolutely breath-taking views – Iceland is the latest ‘must go’ destination for millennials and young professionals. Get your hygge, sisu or lagom on, in understated style.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico - £223 a night

The world-famous Seashell House in Mexico is the stuff of fairy tales. A private pool, two king size beds and the entirely Instagrammable property all to yourself. I challenge you, and your followers, not to be wowed.

Cumbria, UK - £95 a night

Fancy yourself as royalty? A stay in Augill Castle will certainly fit the bill for those stay-cationers that want a bite at the upper crust. Exceptional architecture and beautiful surroundings make for a restful break without the airport dash.





Airbnb was established to save the consumer some money. Cash in on these Euro-breaks for less than a pretty penny, in a destination you might not have considered!

Tbilisi, Georgia - £24 a night 

Not the first destination that pops into the minds of most, when booking a trip away – but Georgia’s mix of cultures and colourful architecture will excite the senses without exciting the bank balance. This gorgeously rustic and cosy loft was once a small theatre, but now houses a quaint couple's retreat. 

Thessaloniki, Greece - £28 a night 

Described as Greece’s answer to Shoreditch, Thessaloniki promises culture, hip bars and this raw, edgy downtown apartment – without the London cocktail prices.

Palmero, Sicily - £46 a night

A history buff's dream. Palmero hasn’t subscribed to tourist culture and remains truly Sicilian at heart – but don’t be put off if your language skills aren’t up to scratch. Embark on a mysterious journey of discovery and relax on the sun soaked terrace of this simply, one bedroom apartment.


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Looking for something really unique? Airbnb is filled with once in a lifetime, out of this world destinations. Open your mind, and maybe your purse, but you won’t regret it.

Airstream, Malibu, USA - £486 a night

Yes, you read that correctly. An Airstream caravan that’s been converted into a beachside, clifftop retreat. Feel closer to nature on the beautiful deck, listen to the crashing waves and disconnect to reconnect on a truly unique experience.

House Boat, Uxbridge, UK - £80 a night

Get those Dutch vibes without leaving the country. Perfect for a long weekend, this houseboat has a full kitchen, entertaining deck, double bedroom and even a bath! A literal home on the water and a nice novelty – without the hordes of Amsterdam stag-dos.

Tree Sparrow House, Cornwall, UK - £111 a night

With both sea and country views, this Cornish escape is truly a magical one. Whimsically decorated, you’ll feel like you’re on the film set of Lord of Rings or Labyrinth!

Don’t let us stop you there! Airbnb can save you money – but it’s stumbling upon unique and special experiences that make it so popular. Explore the depths of your imagination, or simply escape from the everyday – whether you’re splashing out or reigning it in, there’s a perfect break out there for you. 

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