How a PMP certification can boost your salary

    Whilst navigating a successful career within your industry, you will face many difficult decisions when it comes to the most desirable qualifications or certifications to help propel your career prospects.

    If you’re trying to climb the project management ladder, then you’ll be faced with a few potential career-boosting options; one of which is the PMP certification. Here's how a PMP qualification can increase your salary.

    The PMP certification is suitable for project managers within any industry, allowing you to demonstrate to current and potential employers that you possess the experience, competency and education required to successfully lead and direct projects.

    In terms of assets, certifications and qualifications that are truly valuable to you, The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification might just take the top spot. Each and every sector on a whole would benefit from the PMP certification if an increased number of professionals were holding it.

    It’s always great to expand your skillset to progress within your career, and a boost in salary is definitely an attractive prospect too.

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    The statistics

    Let’s start with the facts and figures. Research has found that individuals that possess the PMP certification earn around 20% more than those without. According to statistics gathered in the US, managers with the certification earn an average of £85K per year, with those without it earning an average of £69K. These statistics were sourced from 26,000 project managers from across 34 countries.

    As the PMP certification becomes increasingly popular over in the UK, businesses are actively seeking out project managers with the certification, pushing the salaries up to match the US. It has never been a better time to secure your career prospects and get certified. 


    How to make it a reality

    Now that we’ve caught your attention with that attractive salary increase, you probably want to know exactly what it will take for you to get there.

    Of course, time is money, so you’ll be glad to know the certification can be achieved in between 14-18 days on a full-time basis or within 2-4 months with part-time study.

    It is useful if you have around 5 years of experience within project management. This certification is an ideal option for project managers, leaders and directors looking to increase their salary and skillset.


    Post qualification salary

    Once you have completed the course, you can expect to earn an average of around £60k per year, with the average salary from 2016 onwards sitting at this figure.

    When it comes to increasing your salary, you have three key options, returning to education, relocating or nailing each and every project. If you’re already doing the latter, the most cost-effective and achievable step to take is to expand your skills by returning to education. What better place to start than with a PMP certification, one of the most recognisable in the industry.

    Whether your field is construction, IT, engineering or marketing, one thing is for sure… the PMP qualification will result in a welcomed increase to your salary.

    Want to earn up to 20% more every year? Get in touch with us and arrange your free personal consultation call to find out more.


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