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    Our project management student success stories

    We had the pleasure of helping these project management students find career success. This blog explores their student journeys.

    Published on: 15 May 2020

    Scott Hill, aged 34scott-hill-circle

    Reason for enrolling

    Scott was a Fabrication Engineer with 15 years of expert engineering experience. He owned his own business in the UK and had a wealth of experience. 

    Scott struggled to stand out after migrating to New Zealand and needed a role that gave him a salary increase to better support his young family. Without any qualifications or certifications to document his strong experience and skills, he was struggling to secure a deserving high-level role. 


    Scott began as an incredibly apprehensive student. After leaving school aged 16 and gaining his trade, Scott had not studied since. StudentCareTM provided weekly ongoing support and created a full study plan that was tailored around his work and home life. The team also offered regular reassurance and guidance to keep his motivation up. 

    Scott achieved success in the first 2 months when he passed his PRINCE2 Foundation examination. This was followed a month later by his PRINCE2 Practitioner. Scott is now on track to pass his Project Management Professional (PMP) examination. 

    Career Services

    Like so many other students, Scott had never heard of, or used LinkedIn and wasn’t aware of the power LinkedIn has for professionals. 

    Career Services supported him in creating an optimal LinkedIn profile that showcased his experience and skills. Scott was also encouraged to grow his network and connect with companies that he would want to be employed by. 

    The Career Services team also supported Scott with the format of his CV in order to stand out to employers in New Zealand. After some further CV assistance and personalised support on his cover letter, Scott was ready to begin applying for roles in project management. 

    Scott applied for a role at Canterbury’s largest engineering firm and was successful. He interviewed against strong competition and managed to succeed with confidence.

    The results 

    Scott says:

    “I have had an amazing experience with Learning People. I needed to take my career to the next step and I am so happy I trusted this organisation to help me do that. I initially completed my PRINCE2 certifications that gave me the confidence to start applying for project management positions. 

    “With the help of the New Zealand StudentCareTM and Career Services teams I successfully landed my first project management role. I have achieved so much in the last 12 months and would not be where I am today had I not enrolled. Thank you so much to all that have helped me along the way.”

    Rashmi Thirumale, aged 36rashi-circle

    Reason for enrolling

    Rashmi had a solid background in HR administration with 10 years experience in the industry. She had a strong interest in Project Management positions but without training or any international certifications, was finding it very hard to get her foot in the door.  


    Rashmi was working full-time when she began her project management training and is also a dedicated mother to 5 year old twin boys. The StudentCareTM team were on-hand to offer reassurance and support whenever she needed it. 

    With determination and the on-going support from our StudentCareTM team, Rashmi powered through the struggles of juggling home, work and student life to reach her learning goals. Rashmi passed her exams and gained the world-leading Project Management Professional certification (PMP).

    Career Services

    Career services were there to help Rashmi boost her employability alongside her training. The team first guided her through valuable updates to her CV and LinkedIn profile. With the use of interview preparation techniques, support and encouragement, Career Services helped Rashmi secure a role as a Project Officer. She soon landed a more senior Project Coordinator position with a significant increase in salary.

    The results 

    Rashmi says:

    “My journey with the Learning People has been great so far! StudentCareTM and Career Services have all been very supportive in enabling me to make the transition into project management. They have believed in me and taught me to believe in myself and that I can do it!”

    We’re really excited for the next generation of students as they navigate the industry. Discover more about a career in project management, and feel free to arrange a consultation call with one of our experts today to find out how you can start.

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