10 of the coolest UX design inspiration websites

    If you follow the world of web design, you’ll know that UX design is a crucial part of how a website works. Whether you’re new to coding, or have already designed a few websites of your own, it’s always valuable to keep up with UX best practices.

    We’re taking a look at the coolest UX design examples, to give you some coding inspiration…

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    Flickr has been around for years as the leading video hosting service, probably owing to the fact that their websites continually evolves to keep up with changes in UX on their site. Their concept is a constantly changing supply of images and videos that are open to the public, so it makes sense that their sharing app is one of the most user friendly out there.


    Another big player in the world of image sharing, however Pinterest is more based around finding new ideas and inspiration and ‘pinning’ it to a mood board. The platform is super easy to use and allows user to navigate the content that they love with ease. The interactive element is what makes Pinterest so user friendly, without knowing anything about the site, a total newbie could find and pin stuff they love to their board.


    Medium is the one of the best sites to read news stories daily. The blog platform allows a new user to see enough content to reel them into becoming a member, without overloading them with information. The catchy headlines and easy to read design makes the content very shareable, and means that a user will likely return again and again.

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    If you’re looking for e-commerce inspo, Patagonia nails it. They engage with the customer at every touch point to ensure that their journey is seamless. The danger with e-commerce sites is that the customer might abort their basket and give up if the User Experience isn’t enjoyable, so it’s more important than ever that web designers get it right.

    Patagonia’s feedback feature makes their UX second to none, offering the customer a chance to report any issues back in real time.


    In terms of UX Apple gets it right, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from this tech giant. Their website is easy to navigate, with options to select the image that correlates with the product that you want to buy. This makes it super simple to find the product you need, and with a chatbot that helps you understand the sales process, it couldn’t be easier to get your hands on Apple goods.


    Graze’s product offering makes dinner simple by delivering ingredients straight to your door, so it makes sense that their website offers a great UX too. Graze are always offering discounts on your initial order, and the codes are easily redeemable on their website. The call-to-action is clear and eye-catching, so the user won’t struggle to get started and become a Graze regular.

    Cultivated Wit

    Cultivated Wit makes the list for its clever use of UX design that doesn’t confuse the message of the page. As you hover over the owl, he winks - giving the user a cheeky little laugh. The join our email club call to action is equally as cheeky, with copy that is easy to understand and delivers what the website does on whole - delivers killer content.

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     Air BnB 

    A super easy website to navigate, that was designed with both the host and the guest in mind. AirBnB makes UX a priority across both the app and website, so that the user never gets lost or misses out a step in the process.


    The User Experience journey on Duolingo is simple and clean, making this website and app a firm favourite for those looking to learn a new language. The process on the app requires no purchase, and doesn’t force the user into a decision straight away.

    Instead, it successfully converts the user into a paying customer through clever use of content to encourage them into using the product. The core product is introduced early, alongside options to choose language and difficulty level.


    You’d expect great things from a company who literally sells a product that helps you improve UX design on your own site, and Hubspot doesn’t disappoint. The visual design is clean and well balanced, with themes that are distinctly hubspot-esque.

    Whilst the design remains clean, the website offers a lot of information without overloading and introduces each product area to its potential customer.

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